The following problems were fixed in version 4.11 with XW.EXE (10/1/93):

 Fixed problem with trying to size a snaked column from the ruler line which caused a protection violation - BUG13419.
 Fixed the problem with clicking on a running header, footer or footnote in graphic view and then trying to edit an existing marker within the header, footer or footnote which caused a protection violation
 Fixed problem with dragging a frame to a new page - BUG13368
 Fixed problem with placement of cursor after exiting from the menus or a dialog box.
 Fixed problem of crashing your system when trying to display characters that are not supported by Bistream - BUG13374.

The following changes have been made to XWDLG.DLG and XWMENU.MNU (9/30/93):

 In Advanced, Preferences, Defaults, View - fixed OD to alternate between 2 and 3 - BUG13358.
 In Advanced, Preferences, Defaults, View - changed "Formatted" to "Page-Line" - BUG13359.
 Added jump to "WinAva" in all places that might open a command window, so if you have the maximum amount of windows already open - you'll get a message saying "Function requires an empty window".
 Fixed problem of not allowing users to spell or use the thesaurus through the menus in expanded view.
 Change WM routine in Insert Header/Footer, so that if you are trying to insert more than one running header/footer through the menus, when you get the message "Delete Marker for Old header y/n?" if you press ESCAPE it will just cancel the operation, rather than accepting the No answer.
 New Feature - Under Insert, Frame, Edit - Added a new routine to delete a frame and its contents and unframe the framed material and reinsert it at the insertion point.  In addition, if you use this feature to delete a frame and its contents, the frame command and text that gets deleted is placed in the delete stack.
 New Feature - Under Insert, Frame, Auto - if you have some text selected, this feature will automatically put the selected text into a 3-inch wide frame, with a standard border (if you have one defined).  You can then move and resize this frame with the mouse.

The following changes have been made to XWU3.U3 (date will be the day installed)

 In "EditFrmtA", moved function KD to be sure the format bar loads after editing - BUG13415.
 Made change to Change Button routine, so the change dialog box doesn't disappear when you move to the size button dialog box - BUG13404.
 Changed location of "CycleBtn" dialog box, so that it doesn't overlap the buttons and you can see that change that you made to the button bar - BUG13403.
 Made a change so that you cannot intermix bulleted lists with autonumbering and outlining.  You'll get a message telling you, you must end the bulleted list, Autonumbering or Outline before changing to another format.