The following problems were fixed in version 4.016 with EDITOR.EXE (10/05/94):
 Fixed problem where hyphenation  breakpoints set in the exception diction would not take effect - TTG BUG13477.
 Fixed problem where initial-capped words from the personal dictionary were not provided as alternatives to questioned word - TTG BUG13472.
 Fixed problem where superscripted (bracket) characters did not display in graphic view - TTG BUG13502.
 Fixed problem to provide appropriate amount of decimals during summation - TTG BUG13486.
 Fixed problem where change-case of characters stored to disk did not write the characters out to disk with the change - TTG BUG13475.
 Fixed problem where importing a database file haulted the program - TTG BUG13515.
 Revised XPL code to check for duplicate style names under the (define styles) dialog box.
 Fixed XPL code under the Define styles, use typeface menu option.  When you had a PostScript printer file loaded (which does not use symbol sets), the style would be created with (SY="blank").
 Fixed code (erroneous "Putc" command) under Import, Spreadsheet which caused hard crash.

The following problems were fixed in version 4.016D with EDITOR.EXE (9/08/94):
 Fixed problem where loading certain III Plus supported help frames (i.e., Type-B and Type-F) showed the smiley faces (ASCII 2) within the window frame.
 Fixed problem where loading Type-1 (III Plus supported) help frames failed to function.
 Several internal GC (General Counsel) modifications have been added.  These do not affect standard usage of the product.

The following problems were fixed in version 4.016C with EDITOR.EXE (6/08/94):
 Fixed problem of printing a page range with a document that includes line numbers.  DESCRIPTION - If you print a page from a document that includes line numbers, the line numbering will count from the last number at the bottom of the document.  For example, if you have a four page document and the last line in the document ends with 100 and you just print page two, the top of page two will start with 101.  If you print the whole document it prints fine - BUG13645.

The following problems were fixed in version 4.016B with EDITOR.EXE (5/13/94):
 Fixed problem with defining and deleting text in Page-Line view.  DESCRIPTION - With DT=2 (page-line view), if you define a 20K block of text and try to rub it out with SHIFT+F12, the text remains on the screen and it appears that the system is locked up.  Pressing normal function keys does not respond.  If you refresh your screen by toggling CTRL+F8, the block of text vanishes and you're back in business - BUG12166.
 Fixed problem of text not printing on the same line it was displayed on in page-line view.  For example, we have a document that on page two the last line is "The second interpretation claims that judgements of value as".  If I print page two, the line mentioned above is printed on the second to last line of that page instead of the last line of that page as it was displayed in page-line view- BUG13366.
 Fixed problem with deleting a specific index code in expanded view, then changing into draft view and getting a QEMM exception error.  For example, we have a document that on page two has a line that reads "Two heads..." which is at the beginning of a line which has some index code.  If you press CTRL+DEL to remove the code up to the word "Gains" and then go into draft view, you'll get the QEMM exception error. - BUG13433.
 Fixed problem with entering carriage returns via record keystrokes and entering carriage returns via scroll lock yielding different results - BUG13180.
 Fixed problem with the footnote format numbering style command being inserted with a numeric convention rather than a mode convention.  DESCRIPTION - When inserting a footnote format from the menus with a numbering style for the footnote numbers, the SC command was being inserted with numeric conventions (SC=0 or SC=247) instead of mode conventions (SC=NM or SC=SU) - BUG13630.
 Fixed problem with Advanced/Preferences/Defaults/Spelling inserting a SX02,@IN onto the command line or inserted into your document.  DESCRIPTION - If you go into Advanced/Preferences/Defaults/Spelling and press OK, SX02,@IN will get inserted on the command line or will get inserted into your document if you have a document open - BUG13611.

(4.016B continued)
 Fixed problem of not being able to create snaking columns or a column table with default HY=1.  DESCRIPTION - When trying to create a snaked column from the menus with default HY=1, you get the message "Cannot create columns in a table".  If you try to create a column table from the menus, the sidebar that appears shows Edit instead of Create - BUG13615.
 Fixed problem with defining text that includes a couple of carriage returns and the second carriage return not showing as being defined.  This only happened in graphic view - BUG13644.

The following problems were fixed in version 4.016A with EDITOR.EXE (4/28/94):
 Fixed problem with column table rows that span across multiple pages.
 Added a new way to use the DC command.  If you include a caret after the equals sign, you can redefine a counter format without incrementing it.  This is useful when you want to use Roman Numerals as the top level heading (as in Section III), but want to use arabic numerals for lower level headings (as in Section 3.1,3.1.1).