General comments about using DAED.

         Notes on the DEWAR Utilities package

DAED is one of a collection of utilities which make up the Dewar Utilities

The policy on secondary distribution is as follows.  You may distribute copies
of the entire packages (but not individual programs from it) providing that you
make it clear that the distribution is on a trial basis.  Non-profit
organizations such as PC clubs may also distribute trial copies on the same

If you receive a trial version under such an arrangement then, if you decide
that the package is useful, you should send a check for $40 to the address
below, whereupon you will be registered as an official user, and you will
receive a copy of the latest version of the utilities.

Robert Dewar
Utilities Orders
73 5th Ave.
NYC, NY 10003

The price includes postage, but does not include NYC/NY sales tax, so if you
are ordering from New York, please add the appropriate tax.


To start editing a file:
   Type:   DAED Filename

For Help
        When Selecting topics from help, upper/lower case is important.
        Read all information on the screen carefully.
        To exit Help, press small case "x".

To break up a large file.
   DAED Filename
     Place cursor at beginning of file.
     Press F6      (mark beginning of block.)
     Move cursor further into file.
     Press F8     [to mark end of block AND Copy block to Buffer 1 (B1).]
     Press ESC key
     Type:    W Newfilename1       (to write buffer to Newfilename)

   For next section of file:
     Press F6       (mark beginning of block)
     Move cursor further into file
     Press F8    [to mark end of block AND Copy block to buffer 1 )
     Press ESC key
     Type:    W Newfilename2       (to write buffer to Newfilename)

   Repeat previous 5 lines for each section of file to be broken up.

Note: To "Move the cursor further into the file", you can also use Line numbers.
      Press ESC   then
      type: N 2000   and press enter

      cursor will move to line number 2000.    (line number is displayed at
                                                bottom of screen I=2000 )

    To exit editor with Save  Alt-F1
    To exit editor without Saving  Alt-F2