\19 Aug 97

Tech Support Policy

Effective March 1, 1997 technical support for users of XyWrite for Windows, XyWrite 4.0 for DOS and XyWrite III Plus will be available on a fee basis only.   The rate for technical support service is as follows:  $1.00 per minute.  Should your question(s) require additional research time, the rate is:   $15.00 per half hour.  You may elect to have the total cost incurred charged to either your Visa or MasterCard.

Technical Support can only be obtained by calling (410) 576-2040.  Please do not send faxes or use our Internet addresses.

Customers with prior XyWrite, Nota Bene or Signature versions may choose to upgrade to either XyWrite 4.0 for DOS for $99.00 or XyWrite for Windows for $129.00.  If you elect to upgrade, you will receive 90 days of free technical support from the date of delivery.    Any of these items may be billed either to a Visa or MasterCard.

Many of the requests we receive are for printer drivers.  While we are no longer developing new printer drivers for any of the XyWrite products, many of those already developed can be used with today's newer printers.  For a fee $29.95 you will receive the printer driver requested, installation instructions, and help with installation if necessary.  Please note that we cannot address customization issues such as special characters, fonts, or paper trays under this fee.  If you need help with those or other printer functions, you will be charged the technical support rate noted above.

BBS Access
XyWrite and Signature customers, as always, may download new printer drivers or other files from our BBS.  The BBS is available at (410) 576-8806.  The settings are n,8,1 and can handle speeds up to 14.4bps.

WEB Access
Our WEB site ( also has the same printer drivers and support files available for downloading.