XyWrite 4.0--The Writer's Choice

STATEMENT:  XyWrite 4.0 is the latest DOS release in the high-end word
processing family of XyWrite programs.

POSITIONING:  XyWrite 4.0, like its predecessors, is first and foremost a
writer's and editor's tool.  Since XyWrite's release in 1982, we have refined
and extended our powerful and diverse set of features for generating and
manipulating text.  While we have continued to implement function calls
(building blocks for word processing routines) to serve the most exacting of
writers, we remain true to the concept of XyWrite as a simple and efficient
word processing engine.

Over the years, XyWrite has become the word processor of choice for
professionals working in journalism and the publishing industry.  Sharing
methods native to the Atex system, XyWrite has been a familiar companion to
professional writers for over a decade.  Renowned for being the quickest way
of smoothly transferring one's thoughts to paper, XyWrite also has
established an extremely loyal following among researchers, fiction writers,
lawyers and many others who spend most of their day working with words.

DIFFERENTIATION:  XyWrite 4.0 sets itself apart from other word processors in
four areas crucial to writers.  First, XyWrite holds the title as the fastest
word processor available.  Functions such as movement in documents, complex
reformatting, and global search and replacements all work with refreshing
speed.  Second, XyWrite 4.0 offers a clean interface, elegant in its
simplicity.  By working through a command line based on mnemonics, XyWrite's
capabilities never overshadow the task at hand.  Third, XyWrite 4.0 remains
eminently customizable.  The user determines how functions should work,
choosing either XyWrite's default method or their own preferences.  Fourth,
XyWrite 4.0 creates ASCII files, making it an ideal front end for other
systems or for editing program files and running DOS programs.  XyWrite
serves as "home base" in many users' computer environments.

NEW FEATURES:  Many new features have been added to XyWrite 4.0.  As always,
you can open up to nine different windows for editing.  A new feature, called
Log and Resume, will save your cursor position, macros, window size and other
information for each window.  You can then exit XyWrite 4.0 and resume your
work at a later time.  Features such as Transpose, Multi-Level Undelete, and
Wrap-to-Fit can add significant productivity to your work within XyWrite 4.0.
We have also reinstated one of XyWrite's biggest speed enhancements--Auto-Replace.

TECHNICALLY SPEAKING:  XyWrite aficionados will appreciate many of the changes
we have made--under the hood.  Default settings have been centralized in a
new customization file (SETTINGS.DFL).  The 64K block for marking and
manipulating text has been removed.  The use of up to 4Mb of expanded memory
has been included.  Numerous refinements to the programming language (XPL)
have been made.  Customization has become more sophisticated.  We've added
diagnostics for modifying your keyboard file, handy shortcuts for customizing
menus and dialog boxes, and even a way to create your own commands or modify
internal XyWrite 4.0 commands!  For more information on these enhancements
please refer to the Customization Guide.

MEETING YOUR NEEDS:  We believe that the end user should have the final say in
how he or she works.  XyWrite has always provided multiple paths for
accomplishing a single operation.  The astonishingly fleet XyWrite engine
coupled with its wide variety of function calls serves as a toolkit from
which a user can create a unique, personalized system--molding the word
processing environment to work exactly the way it should.  This fundamental
elasticity of the program may mean that in a busload of journalists using
XyWrite, no one recognizes anyone else's word processor.  But it also means
they all have the best word processor available to them--their own.

HOW IT FEELS:  We're proud of what we have done with XyWrite 4.0, and we hope
that our enthusiasm is matched by yours.  We know that your word processor is
the object of intense scrutiny and that the smallest detail can often be
decisive.  We expect that you will bring that same discerning eye to your
review of XyWrite 4.0.  We also hope that you will treat the review process
as a dialog, with the opportunity for us to discuss XyWrite's unique position
in the word processing arena.  We care about how XyWrite 4.0 "feels" to you
as you work.  Please feel free to contact us at any time, and thank you for
your interest in XyWrite 4.0.


The Technology Group, Inc.