XyWrite...the Writer's Choice.

If you're a serious writer working in the Windows environment, consider
XyWrite for Windows.  XyWrite for Windows is designed for people who write
for a living.  Instead of creating a program bloated with gimmicks, we've
concentrated on a sleek writing and editing tool for Windows.  Finally,
there's a Windows word processor that keeps up with your thoughts!

Renowned for its performance and versatility in the DOS world, XyWrite is
making the move to Windows.  The performance, customization options, unique
interface, and straight ASCII file format--integral to how our users work--
are now available in the Windows world.

XyWrite's malleability extends even further with XyWrite for Windows.  Those
who have had a sneak preview of XyWrite for Windows have been lavish in their
praise.  People like reporters and editors at major newspapers, who have
said: "This is a software package with the potential to become just about
anything you want it to be.  Never has there been a writing program so
willing and able to be customized to fit the whim of every editor and

A Serious Writing Tool.  Developed for Serious Writers.

Writers no longer have to compromise!

Your word processor should be an extension of your creative thought process.
Programs that make you change the way you work waste your time.  XyWrite for
Windows, the fastest and most flexible Windows word processor available,
works the way you want to work.

With XyWrite for Windows you can view and edit your documents four different ways:

-Fast Draft mode is quick and to the point.  Get your text on the page and
keep it all in view.  If you work in smaller or multiple windows, your text
wraps-to-fit within the window's frame.

-WYSIWYG graphics mode is a true "what you see is what you get" view.  Don't
be fooled by other word processors claiming to deliver WYSIWYG.  They may not
be giving you a completely accurate picture of how your document will print.
If precision is important, depend on XyWrite for Windows WYSIWYG.

-Formatted Page/Line mode displays true line and page breaks without the
overhead of graphics.

-Expanded View gives you the ultimate in control.  Every code is revealed,
including all formatting commands.  No more guessing why your document prints
the way it does.  XyWrite for Windows is the only word processor that gives
you complete and direct control over your document.

Unparalleled Performance.

XyWrite for Windows offers the same legendary speed as it's DOS counterpart.
Features like Search and Replace are instantaneous.  And there's no need to
"repaginate" a document like in some word processors, because XyWrite for
Windows is so fast that pagination is done as you type.

But performance is accomplished by more than just raw speed.  Using XyWrite
for Windows' user-definable button sets and command line, you can accomplish
any task quickly and confidently.  You'll appreciate how operations take just
a fraction of the effort needed in any other Windows word processor.

For Customization Fans.

XyWrite for Windows gives you direct access to all program configuration
files.  You have complete control over how the program looks, how it
functions and how you use it.

You can change practically anything, from the menus and dialog boxes to screen
colors, cursor speed and size, or how commands work.  Mold XyWrite for
Windows to work for you.  Call up the actual keyboard file and rewrite it to
behave exactly as you want.  Don't worry, the short-cut keys on the pull-down
menus will automatically reflect these changes.  You can even store and load
multiple keyboards for different purposes.

Unleashing all the power of XyWrite for Windows is easy with its powerful
programming language.  A keystroke macro recorder automates common routines
for you.  Programming mode lets you build upon an already extensive feature
set.  With a unique option called "Command Override" you can alter the way
any command works or even create new commands.  Imagine having a word
processor so in tune with you that it responds to your own commands!

XyWrite for Windows buttons give you instant access to program commands.  By
customizing your button and format bars to include the commands you use most
often, you'll soon find the completion of your work just a mouse click away.
With a whole library of buttons at your disposal, you can create distinct
button sets for your various writing and editing tasks.  You can display
buttons with pictures, text or both.  You can resize buttons.  You can set up
an unlimited number of format and button bar sets and cycle through them with
a single click of your mouse.  Scrolling through these targeted sets is a
one-step process.  If you ever forget what a button does, just place your
mouse over the picture and XyWrite for Windows will quickly tell you.

No-Nonsense Integration.

XyWrite for Windows stands in a class by itself as an "open system" word
processor.  It's the only Windows word processor that creates pure ASCII
files.  Edit program files or documents from other applications directly from
within XyWrite for Windows.  You won't need to worry about encrypted data or
proprietary codes.  And remember, the Expanded View mode always lets you see
the entire contents of your file.  Built-in filters make it easy to export
files into other applications without concern or to import documents and data
into XyWrite for Windows.  You can even run DOS programs right from the
command line or a button in XyWrite for Windows!

And integration with other applications is facilitated by DDE and DLL support.
XyWrite for Windows also has built-in fax support and provides seamless
integration with the Lotus cc:mail e-mail standard.

A Word Processor that Works the Way You Do.

XyWrite for Windows gives you a multitude of choices.  Convenient and
intuitive menus guide both novice and veteran users through the most complex
of tasks.  Easy to recognize icons (not like the hieroglyphics in some other
word processors) let you invoke commands with the click of a mouse, and
keyboard shortcuts allow you to perform common chores with little effort.
With XyWrite for Windows, new users can be productive right away!

XyWrite for Windows' true distinction is its command line.  That's right.
XyWrite for Windows is the only Windows word processor with a command line-
-the fastest way to interact with the program.

Issue commands immediately without lifting your fingers from the keyboard.
Want to find a particular file?  No problem, use the "FIND" command to locate
any file on your hard drive.  Want to create a new file?  Just type "NEW ".
Specific commands accomplish exactly what you want right away.

Unlike some programs, which make uncharitable assumptions about the ability of
their users, XyWrite for Windows grows with you.  As you continue to work
with the program, your power increases.  Rather than being limited by the
"training wheels" of other word processors, you'll find yourself building an
arsenal of powerful commands.  And, if you don't find the command you want,
you can always create one yourself.

The Right Tools for Writing.

Use the XyWrite for Windows Command Stack to scroll through the commands
you've recently issued.  Modify a complicated search string and use it again.
The Undelete Stack can save you even more time.  You'll never be caught
having to recreate that paragraph you mistakenly deleted 10 minutes ago!  For
repetitively used words and phrases, take advantage of our Auto Replace
feature.  Create your own glossary of shorthand notation.  Then, as you type,
XyWrite for Windows automatically expands your abbreviations.  Enter blocks
of text seamlessly without clumsy keystrokes or routines.  It's as natural as

XyWrite for Windows.  The Choice Is Clear.

You wouldn't let someone else tell you what to write, so don't let them tell
you how to write.  Make the choice for the ultimate in performance, power
features and customization.  Take command with XyWrite for Windows, the word
processor that works the way you do.

System Requirements
A Windows-capable machine and 2-9 megabytes of available hard drive space.
(IBM PC or compatible, one 3.5" HD or 5.25" HD drive, VGA or higher monitor,
and 2 megabytes minimum RAM.  386-class machine or higher recommended).

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Baltimore, MD 21201
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XyWrite is a trademark of The Technology Group, Inc.  Windows is a trademark
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