(Max width = 40)
(Max width of index item = 04)

AD	Append to macro (AD)
AL0	Auto line spacing (AL): off
AL1	Auto line spacing (AL): on
AP	Auto-pause (AP): on
AS	Argument string (AS):
BB	Breakable block (BB)
BC	Column break (BC)
BF0	Footnotes against text (BF)
BF1	Footnote at bottom margin (BF)
BK0	Backup (BK): off
BK1	Backup (BK): on
BL0	Blank lines not suppressed (BL0)
BL1	Blank lines suppressed (BL1)
BO	Border (BO):
BR	Break (BR)
BT	Bottom margin (BT)
C0	Counter 0 (C0)
C1	Counter 1 (C1)
C2	Counter 2 (C2)
C3	Counter 3 (C3)
C4	Counter 4 (C4)
C5	Counter 5 (C5)
C6	Counter 6 (C6)
C7	Counter 7 (C7)
C8	Counter 8 (C8)
C9	Counter 9 (C9)
C10	Counter 10 (C10)
C11	Counter 11 (C11)
C12	Counter 12 (C12)
C13	Counter 13 (C13)
C14	Counter 14 (C14)
CL	Column position (CL)
CO	Column (CO)
CP	Text cursor position (CP)
CT	Create table (CT):
DA	Date (DA):
DC	Define counter (DC)
DF1	Dump footnotes, set 1 (DF)
DF2	Dump footnotes, set 2 (DF)
DF3	Dump footnotes, set 3 (DF)
DY	Printout color (DY)
EC	End column (EC)
EE	Element bottom margin (EE)
EF	Special printing effect (EF)
EI	End if (EI)
EL	Extra leading (EL):
ER	Error flag (ER)
ET	Element top margin (ET)
EV	Evaluate (EV):
EX	Exit function (EX)
FA	Frame area (FA):
FC	Force center (FC)
FD	Form depth (FD):
FF0	Form feed (FF): off
FF1	Form feed (FF): on
FI	Field identification (FI):
FL	Flush left (FL)
FM1	Footnote format, set 1 (FM):
FM2	Footnote format, set 2 (FM):
FM3	Footnote format, set 3 (FM):
FN1	Footnote, set 1 (FN):
FN2	Footnote, set 2 (FN):
FN3	Footnote, set 3 (FN):
FP	Final page (FP)
FR	Flush right (FR)
FS1	Footnote separator 1 (FS):
FS2	Footnote separator 2 (FS):
FS3	Footnote separator 3 (FS):
FT	Footnote transition (FT):
FW1	Footnote wrap, set 1 (FW):
FW2	Footnote wrap, set 2 (FW):
FW3	Footnote wrap, set 3 (FW):
GL	Go to label (GL):
GT	Get contents of macro (GT)
GU	Gutter - inside,outside (GU):
HY0	Hyphenation (HY0): off
HY1	Hyphenation (HY1): on
I1	Index format, set 1 (I1):
I2	Index format, set 2 (I2):
I3	Index format, set 3 (I3):
I4	Index format, set 4 (I4):
I5	Index format, set 5 (I5):
I6	Index format, set 6 (I6):
I7	Index format, set 7 (I7):
I8	Index format, set 8 (I8):
I9	Index format, set 9 (I9):
IB	Index break (IB):
IE	End of linked text (IE)
IF	If conditional (IF):
IG	Include graphic (IG):
IL	Index label (IL):
IN	Include text file (IN):
IP	Indent paragraph (IP):
IS	Insert text macro (IS)
IV	Invisible comments (IV):
JD	Jump to dialog box (JD)
JU	Justification (JU): on
LB	Label (LB):
LD	Leadering (LD):
LL	Line leading (LL):
LM	Left margin (LM):
LN	Line numbering (LN):
LQ	Letter quality (LQ):
LS	Line spacing (LS):
LT	Link text (LT):
LV0	Counter 0 for TOC (LV)
LV1	Counter 1 for TOC (LV)
LV2	Counter 2 for TOC (LV)
LV3	Counter 3 for TOC (LV)
LV4	Counter 4 for TOC (LV)
LV5	Counter 5 for TOC (LV)
LV6	Counter 6 for TOC (LV)
LV7	Counter 7 for TOC (LV)
LV8	Counter 8 for TOC (LV)
LV9	Counter 9 for TOC (LV)
LV10	Counter 10 for TOC (LV)
LV11	Counter 11 for TOC (LV)
LV12	Counter 12 for TOC (LV)
LV13	Counter 13 for TOC (LV)
LV14	Counter 14 for TOC (LV)
LW	Left page margin - odd,even (LW):
MD	Type style (MD):
NB	Non-breakable block (NB)
NF1	No footnotes, set 1 (NF)
NF2	No footnotes, set 2 (NF)
NF3	No footnotes, set 3 (NF)
NI	No index (NI)
NJ	Justification (NJ): off
NM0	Protected block (NM): off
NM1	Protected block (NM): on
NP	Auto-pause (NP): off
NS	Next style (NS):
NT	Note (NT):
OF	Horizontal offset (Page margins) (OF):
OP	Orphan (OP):
OR0	Orientation (OR): portrait
OR1	Orientation (OR): landscape
OS0	One-sided (OS): off
OS1	One-sided (OS): on
PA	Pause printing (PA)
PB	Page begin string (PB):
PC	Printer control string (PC):
PF	Put field (PF):
PGE	New page if on even page (PGE)
PGO	New page if on odd page (PGO)
PG	Start new page (PG)
PI	Insert printer string (PI):
PL	Page length (PL):
PN	Page number (PN):
PP	Put paragraph (PP):
PR	Prompt (PR):
PS	Previous style (PS):
PV	Put value of text macro (PV)
PW	Page width (PW):
RC	Read character (RC)
REC	Refer to chapter number (REC):
REF	Refer to footnote or counter number (REF):
REP	Refer to page number (REP):
RFA	Footer, all pages (RFA):
RFE	Footer, even pages (RFE):
RFO	Footer, odd pages (RFO):
RG0	Case: upper and lower as typed (RG0)
RG1	Case: caps; ignore shift state (RG1)
RG2	Case: lower, ignore shift state (RG2)
RHA	Header, all pages (RHA):
RHE	Header, even pages (RHE):
RHO	Header, odd pages (RHO):
RK	Read key (RK)
RM	Right margin (RM):
RR	Repeat records (RR)
RT0	Relative tabs (RT): off
RT1	Relative tabs (RT): on
RW	Right page margin - odd,even (RW):
SC0	Superscript footnote (SC): off
SC1	Superscript footnote (SC): on
SD	Space between text/footnote (SD)
SF1	Set footnote no., set 1 (SF)
SF2	Set footnote no., set 2 (SF)
SF3	Set footnote no., set 3 (SF)
SN	Snaking columns (SN):
SP	Set page number (SP):
SR	Set record (SR)
SS	Save style (SS):
SU	Subroutine (SU)
SV	Save value as literal (SV)
SX	Save expression (SX)
SY	Symbol set (SY):
SZ	Type size (SZ):
T1	TOC format, set 1 (T1):
T2	TOC format, set 2 (T2):
T3	TOC format, set 3 (T3):
T4	TOC format, set 4 (T4):
T5	TOC format, set 5 (T5):
T6	TOC format, set 6 (T6):
T7	TOC format, set 7 (T7):
T8	TOC format, set 8 (T8):
T9	TOC format, set 9 (T9):
TB0	Tabs-to-spaces (TB): on
TB1	Tabs-to-spaces (TB): off
TC	Tab clear (TC)
TM	Time (TM):
TP	Top margin (TP):
TR	Tab reset (TR)
TS	Tab set (TS)
UB	Use border (UB):
UD	Use dictionary (UD):
UF	Use typeface (UF):
UL0	Underline everything (UL)
UL1	Underline all but tabs (UL)
UL2	Underline all but tabs, spaces (UL)
UL3	Underline only text (UL)
UP	Use page border (UP):
US	Use style (US):
VA	Value of variable (VA):
VN	Value of variable (VN):
WD	Widow (WD):
WM	Wait for message (WM)
WS0	Whole-space justify (WS): off
WS1	Whole-space justify (WS): on
X1	TOC/index marker #1 (X1):
X2	TOC/index marker #2 (X2):
X3	TOC/index marker #3 (X3):
X4	TOC/index marker #4 (X4):
X5	TOC/index marker #5 (X5):
X6	TOC/index marker #6 (X6):
X7	TOC/index marker #7 (X7):
X8	TOC/index marker #8 (X8):
X9	TOC/index marker #9 (X9):
XS	Extract string (XS)