Name of program: PTPICK.PGM

	Associated Application Note: 215

	Description: PTPICK.PGM along with the support program,
	PTLIST.PGM, enable you to display a list of available
	typefaces, and then easily incorporate the typeface you want
	into a document.

	TO USE: These programs work together and have configurations
	slightly more technical than using the "RUN" command from the
	command line.  Please refer to the associated application

	CAUTION: These programs should be used with XyWrite III Plus,
	version 3.54 and later.
«LBRV»3   «LBLG»HEATHERC                                «LBCD»07C8041C            «LBCT»1014080C       «LBAU»HEATHERC                                «LBMD»07C8041D            «LBMT»0E041518       «LBRP»    «LBPJ»                    «LBCM»                                            «LBKY»
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