As most of you have noticed by now, we have a new word processing program in-house.  XyWrite 4.0 made its debut a month ago at the home office to rave reviews.  Managers, engineers, salespeople, and secretarial staff have all agreed on how easy the program is to learn and use -- and how powerful it is!

This article outlines a few of the special functions of XyWrite 4.0, in case you haven't had time to explore them for yourself.  It also discusses the user interface, which you may be unfamiliar with.

Starring the Fabulous Formatting Functions

XyWrite provides you with all the standard word processing capabilities, like cutting, pasting, copying, changing typeface, highlighting text, setting page breaks, and printing.  But it also provides you with some interesting and powerful functions you may not have used before.

-	Using XyWrite, you can easily generate forms, tables, indexes, and tables of contents.

-	You can refer to headings or figures in different parts of your  document, and XyWrite will automatically determine and insert the correct page number at your reference.

-	You can create a numbered list.  Then, when you add a new item to the  middle of the list, XyWrite will automatically renumber your list for you.

-	You can format text in multiple columns.

-	You can include lines and boxes in your documents, as well as call in graphics from outside XyWrite.

XyWrite also provides advanced functions that allow you to use mail merge, place bookmarks in your text, perform tasks directly from the command line, mark changes to your document by "redlining" them on the screen, and assign frequently-performed key sequences to function keys.

As you can see, XyWrite provides you with many easy-to-use tools to make your documents, letters, and memos more attractive and more effective.

Co-Starring the Lovely Graphic View

Perhaps the most remarkable feature of XyWrite is the Graphic View feature, which allows you to see your text on the screen just as it will appear when you print it out -- including the actual typeface, type size, and highlighting.

XyWrite allows you to edit your document in the Graphic View.  You can change page breaks, insert and delete text, and adjust formatting, among other things.

Directed by the Brilliant User Interface

The user-friendly tone of the product is set by the interface, which is easy to learn and use.  Functions are listed in menus accessed by selecting topics from an action bar at the top of the screen.  An example of the main window is shown below.

When you select certain functions, dialog boxes prompt you for any information XyWrite needs to perform those functions.  And if you make a mistake, messages appear to let you know what is wrong and how to correct the problem.

And the Critics Say . . .

Since the installation of XyWrite last month, users have had nothing but high praise for the program.  We did a little opinion poll here in the home office, and the results are shown below.

We hope you will take the time to explore the versatile and exciting features of XyWrite.  And let us know what you think!