«MD+BO»«MD+IT»«UFSWISS»«SY23Z,0,0»«FC»«SZ24PT»FAX Cover Sheet«MDNM»

«MD+BO»«SZ18PT»Your Company Name
Company Address
City, ST  00000«MDNM»


«MD+BO»To:«MDNM»	«NT-To whom are you sending the fax?»
«MD+BO»«MD+BO»Company:«MDNM»	«NT-For what company does the person work?»
«MD+BO»Date:«MDNM»	«DA»
«MD+BO»Fax Number:	«MDNM»«NT-What is the person's fax number?»
«MD+BO»Phone Number:	«MDNM»«NT-What is the person's phone number?»

«MD+BO»From:«MD+BO»«MDNM»	Your name
«MD+BO»Title:«MDNM»	Your title
«MD+BO»Fax Number:«MDNM»	Your fax number
«MD+BO»Phone Number:«MDNM»	Your phone number

«MD+BO»Number of Pages to Follow:«MDNM»	«NT-Excluding this page, how many pages are you sending?»
«MD+BO»Classification:«MDNM»		«NT-What is the security classification of this material?»


«NT-If you have any comments, type them here.»