January 25, 1991

C.J. Workerbee
Computer Systems Support
AnyCompany, Inc.
123 Fourth Avenue
Anytown, USA

Dear C.J.,

Earlier this month, we installed a new word processing system here at the home office.
The system is called XyWrite, and I'm writing to let you know how positive the reception has been.
XyWrite has been a great hit with all our employees, including our managers, engineers, salespeople, and secreterial staff.
Employees are reporting that the product is easy to learn and easy to use.
They find that XyWrite makes their word processing tasks quicker, and they are also experimenting with the product's
many extended features.  Next month's company newsletter should be a fantastic example of how much our employees
can do with such a powerful tool.

As a reslt of our success here at the home office, we've decided to install the product at all our satallite offices.
You should soon receive all the materials you need to get everyone at the Anytown office up and running.
If you have any questions, or just want to let us know how much you like XyWrite, please give me a call.

Thanks for your good work!

B.A. Manager